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Medstar St. Mary’s Hospital Atrium

Thursdays at 7:30AM


Leonardtown Rotary Club

St. Mary's County, Maryland

Recent Meeting Speakers at the Club

June 15, 2017:  Medical Marijuana in St Mary's County


Dr. Butch Morgan, Megan Shank, and Charles Mattingly visited to talk about the ANANDA Medical Facility, which will be able to distribute medical marijuana under carefully controlled conditions in St Mary's. This industry, home grown right in Southern Maryland, will provide relief for people with many medical issues. The three speakers reviewed some of the conditions that this herbal substance can help and some of the restrictions that help ensure safe use.












June 8, 2017: Dr. John Roache, Surgeon, Returns


We so very much enjoyed the first presenation by Dr. Roache that we invited him back to present Chapter 2 of his memories of growing up and practicing medicine in our county. In addtion to telling us more about tose topics, John alsol added some salty stoires of life as a doctor in the U.S. Navy serving aboard the carrier U.S.S. America.  Thanks, John, for coming back and informing and entertaining us one more time.













June 1, 2017:  Barry Friedman


Barry is extremely active with various non-profits in St Mary's County, and he spoke about three specific groups that are doing much good in the community: Leadership Southern Maryland, St. Mary's College Boat Foundation, and See the Ability. His work with the Developmentally Different are especially inspiring. Thanks for your great service, Barry!  














May 25, 2017:  Paul Junge, President/CEO of St Mary's Chamber of Commerce


President/CEO of St Mary's Chamber of Commerce Paul Junge spoke to us about the many things that the Chamber does to promote not just business but the entire economic welfare of our community. Paul has been in the county only about 6 months but has already done very much to become a community leader.  Welcome, Paul, and thanks for all you do to keep St Mary's vital and growing!










May 18, 2017: David Searby from BeachCorps on "Voluntourism"


David presetned on "Voluntourism" and how Rotary Clubs are a great natural fit for travel to places in need of Rotary's help to meet people and assist in worthwhile efforts (i.e., "not painting the same fence for the 5th time.") while avoiding "Toxic Charity." As stated on the BeachCorps website: "There are many excellent volunteer vacations (and other not so good voluntourism), but none are based on fun vacations supporting great nonprofits through people-to-people engagement. It's not about changing the world in one vacation; it's about using regular, fun vacations to empower existing great causes, little by little, one day at a time. It's about projects where the heroes are the locals working to improve their lives and their communities, not the volunteers. This is the philosophy of the BeachCorps motto: 'A Little Grain of Sand. A single grain of sand means little. One volunteer's impact means little; a hundred volunteers' impact over time means a lot.













April 20, 2017:  Mike Brown of United Committee for African American Contributions


Mike, shown in our photo talking at the Juneteenth Fesitval, provided a fascinating look at the many vital contributions African-Americans have made to St Mary's County history and development. From providing two winners of the Medal of Honor fighting against the injustice of slavery in the Civil War (even though our county had many Southern sympathizers), though the injustices of segregation (especially in educational opportunities), and into a more fortunate though hardly perfect present, African-Americans have triumphed over adversity to survive and thrive, shaping our county's culture and economy. Mike extended an invitation to all to attend the Juneteenth Festival, a celebration of Affican Americans in Texas beign liberated from slavery even after the Civil War had ended.  it's a great family event, with fellowship, food, and good times.  Thanks, Mike, for telling a story that is too infrequently heard!    












April 13, 2017:  Dr. John Roache, Surgeon

Dr. Roach, a self-proclaimed "dumb county boy," reminisced about his early days in the county, what the education system was like then, his early medical training and why he became a surgeon, how he met his wife in "cat lab," and his start in the profession as a doctor in the U.S. Navy.  While our county and times have certainly changed, entertaining personal histories and stories remain timeless. Dr. Roach proved himsef a fountain of local knowledge and an engaging speaker.
















April 6, 2017: Sarah Miller, Community Programs & Outreach Division Manager with the Department of Aging & Human Services


Sarah presented on the department's many services and activities. The department is divided into six divisons, all of which perform outstanding work helping citizens from birth through the golden years. The scope of their operations and number of services provided are impressive.  There are plenty of volunteer opportunities on crucially important services, so you too can help make lives better for young and old right here in St Mary's County!














March 23: Norine Rowe, St Mary's County Department of Aging & Huuman Services


Norine Rowe, coordinator for St Mary's County Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP),  discussed how the program creates a true "win/win," matching the talents and energies of seniors with tasks that they find rewarding. Both seniors and the agencies at which they volunteer benefit. Thanks, Norine, for the informative presentation!













March 16: Omolayo Ojo


Omolayo Ojo, whom the club is hoping to sponsor to a Roary International Scholarship, visited the club to tell us about her plans. She hopes to study International Relations at a prestigious school in London. Good luck, Omolayo!













Want to see other other recent speakers? Check out our YouTube site:



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