Weekly meetings held at

Medstar St. Mary’s Hospital Atrium

Thursdays at 7:30AM


Leonardtown Rotary Club

St. Mary's County, Maryland

Recent Meeting Speakers at the Club

September 7, 2017:  Susan Wolfe of St. Mary's County Historical Society


Susan Wolfe, Executive Director of St. Mary's County Historical Society, visited to club to tell us about their building headquarters, Tudor Hall. Originally built in 1744 and expanded in the 1760's, Tudor Hall has a fascinating history and is interesting architecturally. Thanks, Susan, for the informative presentation!












August 24, 2017: Dr.Meenakshi Brewster, St Mary's County Health Officer


Dr. Meenaksi Brewster, St Mary's County Health Officer, presented on the causes of the current Opioid crisis:  how addiction has transformed to being a problem with prescription painkillers to a heroin epidemic, with Fentanyl and carfentanil additons creating frequently lethal combinations.  The problem is growing this year in our county, as in much of the country. We in Leonardtown Rotary are making plans to work with our fellow Rotarians in the county and region to help spread awareness and take action, and we shall certainly be collaborating with Dr. Brewster in the future. Thank you, Dr. Brewster, for your informative presentation!














August 17:  Amanda Werrell, the "Bird Nerd"


Amanda, daughter of our club's Lori Werrell, is an ornithologist. She visited to club to talk about how she became interested in the study of birds, some of the projects she has worked on, and how research is carried out to discover more about the environment through bird study. She was introduced her proud mother. Club members were pleased to learn more about some significant birds in the area, including the "lazy" bald eagle, and to be able to ask questions. Thank you for the informative presentation, Amanda!















August 10, 2017: Rebecca Shaw and Alyssa Wilson


Rebecca and Alyssa presented on TEDxLeonardtown, an independently organized TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) event that will take place on September 9.  They reviewed the speakers who will appear, how the event got started, and how to get tickets.  The speakers lineup looks fascinating, and the event should be of interest to all who are interested in our county and its responsible growth in technology and services. To quote: "Some of the our greatest greatest ideas and voices are located within our own neighborhood.  We exist in order to start the conversation, and share those ideas within our community. Come be inspired, learn and share at TEDxLeonardtown."

















August 3, 2017:  Chris Kaselemis


CHRIS KASELEMIS, AICP, Director of Economic Development for St. Mary’s County, received his B.S. degree and his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Arizona.  Mr. Kaselemis was appointed Director of Economic Development for St. Mary’s County in 2015.  He previously worked for the City of Tucson for 28 years, holding various positions including Assistant to the City Manager and Economic Initiatives Program Director.  He has been certified by the American Planning Association’s American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).  Since coming to St. Mary’s County, Chris has helped guide the completion of the County’s “Strategic Plan to Build an Innovation Economy,” has led the effort to stand up the County’s first business technology incubator, and has led a consultant review of the County’s development review process. Chris discussed the Department of Economic Development's new strategic plan, efforts to diversify our local economy, some significant developments around the airport, some work on accelerating the process for getting building permits in the county, and revamping the Department's website. Thanks for your informative visit, Chris! 












July 20, 2017:  Gregory Wims, Governor, Rotary District 7620


Gregory has a long volunteer career and a burning desire to bring comfort and aid to those in need. IN the last 50 years, he has raised more than $1 million, logged more than 900,000 miles. and volunteered more than 38,000 hours.


Gregory discussed some important initiatives of Rotary International and our Rotary district for the upcoming year:

>Planting Trees: locally or overseas to ensure the quality of life for future generations

>Enhancing Rotary's Youth Exchange

>Working with local partner to form "satellite" clubs of 10 to 19 members to increase visibility and gain membership while getting help with service projects

>For our district, providing education to address the Opioid Crisis

>Clubs to consider Coins for Alzheimer's Research Blue buckets, collecting change to promote a cure for this terrible disease

>Overseas, helping with water projects and victims' rights


Thank you for your inspiring visit, Gregory!    











July 13, 2017:  Barbara Ives on the College of Southern Maryland's Non-Profit Institute


Barbara Ives from College of Southern Maryland talked about the work of the Non-Profit Institute, which works with 501 C 3 groups to help enhance their success, in part using funding from County Commissioners. The institute hosts discussion forums and provides resources to help these vital community groups help people in Southern Maryland. Thanks for the visit, Barbara, and for CSM's support!














July 6, 2017:  Miatta Jackson Introduces Herself to The Club


One of our newest members, Miatta Jackson, told us a little about her life and journey to Southern Maryland. From Sierra Leone to Germany and the fall of the Berlin Wall, to the USA, and more, she has traveled extensively and worked to improve human life through medicine. We are fortunate to have her as a member and look foward to working with her to make Leoanrtown and St Mary's County an even better place to live and work. [Your humble videographer apologizes for the sound quality: a pounding rainstorm created lots of background noise.]











June 27, 2017: Recognizing Non-Profits


We have many wonderful non-profits in our county, and Leoanrdtown Rotary takes great please in recognizing them  annually with checks to help their work making our county a better place for all to live. This year's recipients are as follows: The Community That Shares (Lynn and Chip Burotn), Christmas in April (Darene Kleinsorgan), St Mary's County Adult Recovery Court (Judge Karen Abrams), Greenwell Foundation (Jenn Emmert), Patuxent Habitat for Humanity (Liz Stoffel & Rita Reeves), Helpful Hooves Equine Therapy (Sherry St. Claire), St. Mary's County Historical Society (Susan Wolfe & Dr. John Roache), Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad (Rocky Woodburn), Pajama Connection (Sue Smith), St John's Charitable Society(Pat Gray), St Mary's Caring Inc (Eric Barbar & Kristen Millen), Three Oaks Homeless Shelter (Lanny Lancaster ), Historical Sotterley (Nancy Easterling, and the Unified Committee for African-American Contributions (Michael Brown ). Thanks, all, for the great work you do!   
















Want to see other other recent speakers? Check out our YouTube site:



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