Weekly meetings held at

Medstar St. Mary’s Hospital Atrium

Thursdays at 7:30AM


Leonardtown Rotary Club

St. Mary's County, Maryland

Recent Meeting Speakers at the Club

April 12, 2018:  Barbara Thompson, Beautiful Costa Rica


Former Club President Barbara and her husband Mike visited Costa Rica earlier this year, and she graciously shared her experiences with us. The trip was wonderful and amazing. Costa Rica (literally "Rich Coast") is rich indeed in natural beauty and flora and fauna. Barbara and Mike saw active volcanoes spewing steam, cloud forests, orchids, red ginger, Capuchin monkeys, armadillos, sloths, crocodiles, hummingbirds, macaws, toucans, and even (ironically consdiering it is our state bird but seldom seen here) a Baltimore oriole. The pineapple is so sweet and fresh that the can be eaten without being cored.  Barabra and Mike also spend some time among school children, who were dressed in bright colors and pleased to have a chance to practice English. A low cost of living and natural beauty are making Costa Rica a frequent destination for tourists and even retirees.  Thank you, Barbara, for sharing your visit!       













April 5, 2018:  Josh Shaffer, My Rotary Journey


One of our newest Rotary members, Josh presented on the path that has led him to Rotary. Josh has (and continues!) to lead a very interesting life. He grew up in a tough part of Prince George's County and began life as a firefighter, serving with distinction until a flashover reduced his lung capacity and forced hm to retire. Through constant exercise and determination, he has returned to fitness. He serves in the United States Army Reserve and is now an Exercise Physiologist at MedStar St. Mary's Hospital. He enjoys physical activity, from triathlons to once winning an international arm wrestlng constest, and volunteers restoring oyster reefs among many other activities to help the county. He brings a willing spirit, energy, and a great sense of humor to the club.  Welcome, Josh!    











March 15, 2018:  Shawn Guy, Leonardtown Post Master


Did you know that the U.S. POstal Service has the largest fleet of delivery vehicles in the world?  That the fleet used over 657,000 tires last year? That the Post Office handles mail by planes, trains, trucks, cars, boats, ferries, helicopters, subways, float planes, hovercraft, mules, bicycles and feet? That until the mid-19th Century, senders and not receivers paid for postage? Thanks very much to Shawn for presenting an enjoyable and informative presentation!











March 8, 2018:  Susan Rork, Director, Community Mediation of St Mary's County


Community Mediation of St. Mary's County provides volunteer mediators who "help participants listen to one another so they are able to clarify their needs, gather information, identify their options and helps the parties work out their own solutions to problems.Mediators do not counsel, give advice, guidance, make decisions for the participants, or pass judgments. The mediator does not decide who is right or wrong or make decisions for the participants."  They are non-judgmental and maintain total confidentialty, assisting in resolving conflicts in "family and neighborhood conflicts, landlord-tenant issues, group and organizational conflicts and family care decisions for elderly adults." Clearly, their mission--peaceful resolutin--shares much with Rotary's. Thank you for your informative presentation, Susan!












March 1, 2018:  Erika Mitchell, My Rotary Journey


One of our newest members, Erika told of the journey that has brought her to Leonardtown Rotary, in her case from near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her hometown is Cordeiropolis, a town of some 23,000 inhabitants located in the southern highlands region. Erika originally came to the USA to pursue her education, supporting herself as a au pair. She now works for Askey, Askey & Associates in Leonardtown, commuting from Deale. While growing up, Erika saw signs advertising Rotary and heard about its good work from an invovled family member.  We are glad and fortunate that she has decided to bring her talents and energy to our club. She brings a passion for Rotary, great energy, and a friendly manner to our club. Welcome, Erika!  








February 1, 2018:  Jessica Hartman, Naloxone Training


Jessica, Overdose Response Program Administrator for St Mary's County Health Department, visited give an update on the Opioid Crisis in St. Mary's County and offer Naloxone training to those who wished to have it.  Naloxone, administered nasally to those suffering from an Opiod overdose, prevents recepters from responding to the drug and can save lives. Jessica's visit is part of our club's continuing invovlement in the Opiod ciris, promoting awareness to help alleviate the problem as a community by treating addcition as a disease and not a criminal problem.  













January 18, 2018:  George Matisick on Newtowne Neck Manor


Mr. Matisick visited to discuss, "where Catholicism too hold education in Maryland began, and commerce thrived." The manor was granted in 1640, just six years after Maryland was founded. it was purchased by the Jesuits in 1662,. 355 years ago--old by Colonial standards. The present Manor House was built in 1789 and modified over the years. Mr. Matisick gave an interesting overview of Catholic persecution in the Colonies, the history of the manor, and how it has become a state park. Thanks, George, for your visit!












December 21, 2017: Chopticon High School Peace Pipers


Once again, we are blessed with beautiful voices singing holiday songs, including one that is an original composition.  Enjoy the video to see which one!













December 14, 2017:  Leonardtown High School Chorus


Beautiful voices singing holiday favorites. Thanks to Ms. Kylie Osterink for arranging this visit to Rotary. Enjoy!


















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